About DLsite Accounts

  • What is a DLsite Account

    What is a DLsite Account?
    DLsite, DLsite NijiGAME, DL Channel, Ci-en, Toriokini, etc. are services managed by EISYS, Inc. and a DLsite Account gives users access to all these services via a single Login ID.

  • Do DLsite Accounts cost?

    It is free to create a DLsite Account. There are also no maintenance fees involved.
    If you never make a purchase, you will never be charged anything for your account.
    Of course, any data transmission costs are between you and your internet service provider.

About Member Registration / Login

  • How can I register for an account?

    Registration is simple and only requires an Email Address, Login ID, Password, and Date of Birth.
    By signing up you will gain access to a treasure trove of features and special deals.
    For more information about the benefits of registering, please refer to each service individually.
    Member Registration

  • When I tried to reset my password, I received an email saying my account could not be found.

    What this means is that the information you input did not match an account in our database.
    Please confirm the following points:

    - Do you use multiple email addresses and did you enter an email address other than the one used for registration?
    - Did you input the correct Date of Birth? (A falsified birth date will ruin your chances of account recovery.)
    If you are sure the above information has been correctly input, and the problem persists, please contact us.

    Confirm Registered Information
    DLsite User
    DLsite Circle
    DLsite NijiGAME User

  • I am not receiving emails from DLsite.
    • Did you register your email address correctly?
    • Have you set an exception for the domain in your spam filters?
      Please check that our emails are not being sent to your spam folder.
      If you can, please set an exception for our domain in your email software / provider settings.

      DLsite Account Domain

      Mobile Carrier Specific
      docomo spam filter troubleshooting
      Softbank spam filter troubleshooting
      au spam filter troubleshooting

      * For more in depth troubleshooting, please contact your email service provider directly.
    • It may also be worth trying an email address with a different domain.
      If you still encounter trouble after adjusting your email spam filters, then please try an email address with a different domain.
      * For example; Gmail, a free email service provided by Google.
  • I cannot access the final confirmation page of membership registration.
    • The link you were sent may have already expired.
      The confirmation page for membership registration is valid for 24 hours only. If a day has already passed since the email was sent, then you will need to start the registration process again.
      Member Registration
    • The URL may be broken / have a line break in it.
      Depending on your system environment / email software the URL may be broken midway.
      If you encounter such a case, please copy & paste the full URL into the address bar of your web browser manually.
    • You may have already completed registration.
      The link in the confirmation email only needs to be accessed once.
      Even if you ended up on an error may after clicking the link, there is the possibility that the confirmation was successful. As such, please try logging in with the details you registered.
  • When I try to login, I am told that my Login ID and / or Password is correct.

    Please check that both the Login ID and Password that you are entering are indeed correct.

    • Did you set your email address to be your login ID?
      Please note that login IDs can be not only email addresses, but also alphanumeric entries.
      If you have forgotten your Login ID, please access the Confirm Login ID / Change Password page.
    • Please check the upper / lower case accuracy.
      Login IDs and Passwords are CASE SENSITIVE. Perhaps you accidentally have Caps Lock on?
    • Half-width (1 byte) Alphanumerical characters only.
      If you use a language / keyboard that contains full-width, 2+ byte, non-ascii, etc. characters, please refrain from entering them.
    • Have you mistaken an alphabet character for a number or vice versa?
      For example, the letter O and number 0. I and 1. S and 5. Z and 2.
      Some letters and numbers look similar in nature and can sometimes be mistaken.
    • There may be a space " " in the entry.
      Please check carefully if there is an empty space " " before or after your entry.
    • If the problem persists even after confirming the above:
      Please try resetting your password to see if that resolves the issue.
      You can do so via the following page:
      Confirm Login ID / Change Password

    Finally, if the version of your web browser is too old, you may encounter trouble trying to login. We strongly recommend that you update both your operating system and web browser to the latest version available.

  • I forgot my Login ID / Password

    If you have forgotten your Login ID and / or Password, please utilize the Password Reset feature.
    Generally speaking, your Login ID will remain the same (whatever you last set it) even if you change your password.
    If you have both forgotten your Login ID and / or Password and you no longer have access to the registered Email Address, please utilize the Confirm Registered Information feature and provide details with as much accuracy and detail as possible.
    We will check the provided details and confirm whether they match an account in our database.

    Confirm Registered Information
    DLsite User
    DLsite Circle
    DLsite NijiGAME User

  • The login authentication is failing.

    If a message saying that your email address is already registered to an account, then it is highly likely that you have already registered with that email address for a DLsite account.
    If this rings a bell, then we recommend that you utilize the [ DLNiji Account Merger ] feature to merge together your separate Login IDs. If you have no recollection of having created an account before, then please contact us via the page below regarding your account.
    Confirm Login ID / Change Password

  • When I logged in, my purchase history was all gone.

    First and foremost, please feel assured that; of the customers who have contacted us regarding an issue such as this... It has almost never been the case that their purchase history had actually vanished.

    - If you have performed a DLNiji Account Merger before: Please try logging into the other account/s with the other Login ID/s that you had.
    (i.e. it is likely that you have the [receiving] and [received] account/s mixed up.)

    - If you have never performed a DLNiji Account Merger before: If it is your DLsite purchase history that is missing, please make sure that you are not currently accessing the interface of DLsite NijiGAME or circle / creator services.

    If you wish to check which services you currently have active, please access and login to the following page:
    DLNiji Account Merger

  • What's a login notification?

    When you login to your account on a new device (PC, smartphone, etc.) or browser for the first time, you will be sent an email notification.
    You can check your login notifications under [ Login History ] in Account Management.

    Please note that logging in via private browser tabs or with cookies off will always trigger a login notification.
    If you receive a login notification for a login that wasn't you, please change your password immediately via Change Password under Account Information.

  • I want to disable login notifications

    You can disable login notfications under Login History in Account Information. Under [ Login Notifications ], change the setting to [ OFF ].

  • Regarding our Privacy Policy

    DLsite Account is recognized by GMOGlobalSign K.K. as a secure website, and the transmission of data between our servers and customers is encrypted with SSL. We hope you can rest assured that our services are secure and your personal information is managed strictly in good hands. With the exception of disclosure requests by law enforcement agencies, we will not share your personal information with third parties, nor use it in an inappropriate manner.
    For details regarding how we handle your personal information, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

  • I want to check my registered information.

    You can confirm your registered information via the My Page / Account Management page of each respective service.

  • I want to change my Login ID, Password, and / or Email Address

    You can change the Login ID, Password, and / or Email Address of your account via the My Page / Account Management page of each respective service.

  • About Third Party Service Logins

    It is possible to register via a third party service without the need to create a new Login ID / Password
    For more details please refer to Third Party Service Account Association Settings.

    - It is possible to associated multiple accounts simultaneously.
    - You can disassociate the third party service at any time.

  • I want to delete my account

    In regard to unsubscribing from DLsite Account, please refer to the Unsubscription Page.

    - In order to unsubscribe from DLsite Account, you must first deactivate any services linked to it.
    - Please refer to each service respectively regarding how you can deactivate / unsubscribe / delete.

About DLNiji Account Merger

  • What is a DLNiji Account Merger?

    For those people who have already got stand-alone accounts for various services... DLNiji Account Merger is a method via which they can bundle those all up into a single DLsite Account with a single Login ID
    You can perform this process via DLNiji Account Merger

  • Which services are applicable for a DLNiji Account Merger?

    The following services managed by EISYS, Inc. are applicable.

    - DLsite
    - DLsite NijiGAME
    - Ci-en
    - Toriokini

    For more details please refer to What is a DLsite Account?

  • I wish to merge 2 or more IDs from the same service into one.

    You can only have one ID for each service. It is not possible to add multiple IDs from the same service to a single DLsite Account. If you wish to exchange one ID for another, then please refer to the section on [ I want to unmerge / unlink a service account. ].

  • I accidentally created a new circle with the same circle name my previous one.

    If you are using an account which is not registered as a circle, and accidentally caused a duplicate circle registration, please contact us via the page below and we will delete the duplicate entry.
    Registered Circle Contact Form

  • I want to unmerge / unlink a service account.

    Unfortunately, as we do not recommend (nor desire) the unmerging / unlinking of service accounts, there is no such function available.
    If you wish to change the linking of one service account to another DLsite Account, please use the DLNiji Account Merger page to merge the service account in question into the DLsite Account of your choice.

If you have a problem and our help pages / troubleshooting steps do not resolve the issue, please contact us via the following contact forms for the service that is relevant in your case.

Contact DLsite
Contact DLsite NijiGAME
Contact chobit
Contact DL Channel
Contact Ci-en
Contact Toriokini